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Tailored Welding Training 

Technoweld is proud to be an industry leader in the Australian welding industry and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of welding services across the country. We have the knowledge and expertise to fulfil all your welding training needs. With years of extensive experience in adult education, we understand the elements that make up a successful welding training program. Our goal is to design and execute training programs which empower your in-house teams to carry out and design welding protocols effectively. We are also passionate about boosting employment in the industry through adult training programs that teach Australians a highly specialised skill such as welding and welding management.

Training Opportunities

Whether its basic gas metal arc welding, advanced welding or welding programs in the use of exotic materials, Technoweld are dedicated to delivering the welding training that meets your company’s needs. We offer training in:


  • Customised Courses – Inhouse or Onsite
  • Advanced – GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, MMAW
  • Welding Engineer Appreciation Courses
  • Basic QA/QC customised courses
  • Specific training to help you get through a weld test
  • AS1554 Structural Steel Welding
  • AS3992:2015 Pressure Equipment
Learn to Weld with Technoweld

We understand how dynamic welding projects can be, and that the ability to adapt and think differently is a must. For this reason, we offer our clients options for how best to involve our experts with their current team and come up with a plan for every client based on their specific needs. Whether you are an individual looking for the very best welding training, or an organisation creating a welding team for their business, Technoweld is there for you.

From basic gas metal arc welding, advanced welding, or welding programs in the use of exotic materials, we deliver the training that meets your needs.

Technoweld Welding Training

Leaders in Welding Training Courses

Technoweld’s facilities include fully equipped welding bays. We only use appropriately qualified and experienced personnel to conduct training and skills development.

Our principal, Graham Fry, has a Bachelor of Adult Education and nationally and internationally recognised supervision and inspection qualifications, ensuring a successful combination of technical knowledge and how to deliver it.

These Technoweld attributes complement the twenty plus years’ experience in the fabrication and welding of pressure equipment and steel structures to Australian and American standards, using a variety of materials including exotics such as Super-Austenitic and Super-Duplex stainless steel.

The 5 Golden Rules of Welding Australia

Here at Technoweld, we’ve created the 5 golden rules of welding along with some safety tips to always keep in mind. Safety always comes first and to ensure your safety in the workshop:

  • Make sure your collar is always done up to the top
  • Make sure you are wearing the appropriate jacket and gloves
  • Make sure your leads are always in good condition

The 5 golden rules of welding were developed because often, beginners are missing the basics. Those basics are to always make sure that you:

  • Can see – If you can’t see, you can’t weld. Ensure the cover lens and the dark lens of your helmet is clean and in good condition
  • Are comfortable – You can bend the electrode and lean on the bench, so you are safe, and you have control
  • Maintain your equipment – If your equipment is not maintained, it will always let you down
  • Weld from the bottom up – Like making a house, you always start with a good foundation
  • Check the welding is level – Weld metal goes in hot and liquidated, so if you put it in level, you will find a much better result

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At Technoweld, we design our welding courses to empower and inspire the next generation of welding professionals. Contact us today or call us on 1300 00 WELD/ 1300 009 353 for more information on welding training.

Call us on 1300 00 WELD / 1300 009 353 for domestic projects, +61 8 7081 2061 for international queries, or drop by our offices in Wingfield, South Australia or Padstow, New South Wales.