Fully Certified Welding Management Experts in South Australia

Technoweld was established by Graham Fry in 1996 with a clear goal, to offer welders and welding projects in any industry across Australia direct access to an experienced, highly skilled welding management and consultancy support structure. We believe that quality can be improved and maintained through quality services which focus on developing processes and internal systems that relate to welding projects. Since 1996, the business has grown to include a state-of-the-art welding training centre, with  locations across Australia, and a team of internationally qualified professionals who can service all industries worldwide.

Graham Fry resting his hand on the car with Technoweld branding.

A Comprehensive Welding Management Service Provider

We have specific expertise in defence, mining, power generation, petroleum, chemical, defence and structural manufacturing industries.

As a comprehensive welding management service provider, our broad range of services include:

Welding inspection: Welding inspection services (both third-party and in-house) are a critical aspect of every project. Non-compliance with welding procedures or sub-par quality checks can result in welding defects, resulting in expensive repairs, lower welded material lifespan, higher costs and unsafe conditions.

Welding consultancy: The welding advice you need may change from one project to another, with new factors and challenges determining the strategy. By teaming up with a consultancy like Technoweld, our experts can create a plan which chooses and optimises the right welding processes, recommends the right equipment (including automation and robotics) to rent, and provides precise interpretation of all standards and regulations. Addressing and preventing quality problems becomes our responsibility during a course of a consultancy, ensuring that you have the very best backup and support within the Australian welding industry.

Welding process development to optimise results which ensure that production parts are fit for their intended purpose. This helps to extend the life of components, reduces scrap and waste, and promotes strong welding and design.

Process refinement: Process Refinement is about zeroing in on your current processes and streamlining and improving them even further. Welding procedures are created to break each welding activity down to its individual steps, analysing each to determine whether they are appropriate for the project.

Mentoring and Training: We monitor, review and help provide training for Welder qualifications, staff development, training and mentoring across industries, no matter how big or small.









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