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Technoweld has provided expert witnessing services involving litigation, arbitration or simply when expert advice is required. Graham Fry’s range of qualifications and experience enables him to provide a well structured, detailed report and findings on all welding related subjects.

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We have worked on numerous cases including everything from contract disputes and patent breach claims to insurance company damage claims that involve welding and associated processes.

Our understanding of Australian and International Standards, coupled with detailed knowledge and experience, allows us to provide you with a comprehensive independent position to support your client in their endeavours.

We can provide technical advisors to counsel, expert witness testimony and evaluation of conformance to industry specifications.

When it comes to telling it like it is, in plain, easy to understand English, Graham Fry is a leader in the field. His knowledge and professionalism has allowed him to successfully contribute to a legal teams outcomes in an easy to comprehend, yet objective and concise way.