Inspection Services

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Technoweld is committed to providing its clients competitively priced and professional inspection services.

We offer welding inspection services in three key areas:

  • Coating Inspection – pre, progressive and post inspections
  • Poly Pipe Inspection – critical in the pipeline and process plant sectors
  • Welding Inspection – ensuring your welds conform to Australian Standards and purchaser specification

The main purposes of welding inspection is to ensure the item being built satisfies the contract requirements and the asset owner gets what they have specified.

Technoweld offers both welding and coating inspection providing a complete inspection service.

Our role covers everything from specification development, document review, preparation surveillance, joint set monitoring, dimensional verification, witnessing testing, verification of coating compliance through to final packing and dispatch.

Technoweld can provide you with the necessary information and on the ground vision to assist with the management of the project’s quality.

We provide a first-hand summary of progress including highlighting any issues so that they can be addressed progressively.

We can provide technical support to you during your project to ensure you make sense of what the fabricator or applicator is telling you.