Quality Welding Consultancy Services

Policy Statement

Technoweld provides welding and coating inspection, welding consultancy and training
services to the oil and gas, mining, defence, and construction industries. Or goals are to:
 Provide end users confidence that product they are receiving is supplied to their
 Provide industry with technical and practical support to meet the requirements of the
various standards and their customers,
 Provide individuals and organisations with industry leading training in welding
management, welding inspection and the hands-on welding process.

Technoweld exists to provide unprecedented practical welding knowledge and services to all

We recognise that the quality of our services are measured by our customers’, against their
needs and expectations. We are committed to:
 providing quality services on time, at the desired cost,
 achieving efficiency in our operations, attention to detail, and responsiveness to
customer priorities
 providing impartial, independent and confidential inspection services
 staying current with the latest industry developments
 to continually improve our services and the supporting processes to support our
 ensuring we continually satisfy the requirements of our customers and other parties.


We, as a company will:
 train all workers and contractors to identify areas where improvement can be
 strive to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved at all times, and in all things.
Our staff are expected to:
 assist and cooperate in ensuring that this policy is followed.