Quality Welding Consultancy Services

Policy Statement

Technoweld’s Quality Policy is to operate our business in a manner that consistently exceeds the high-quality standards set by each one of our customers and global industry experts. To maintain excellence, we are committed to evolving constantly, maintaining the quality of our operations and the expanding the services provided by our company as the industry reaches new heights.


To achieve this goal, we recognise that the quality of our services is determined by our customer’s needs and expectations. Our core objectives are:

  • To identify, even pre-empt the changing needs and expectations of our customers as they navigate the challenges of a new welding project.
  • To develop and maintain processes and procedures that strictly adhere to ISO 9001:2015 and to ensure that we remain up-to-date, so that changes are accommodated.
  • To constantly strive towards greater efficiency in our operations, paying even closer attention to detail with the help of our highly motivated team, and to be as responsive and communicative as possible to our client’s priorities and challenges.
  • To always prioritise a client’s time and budget by proving the very best quality services on time, within the determined cost.
  • To foster and develop an environment of employment where growth and innovation are the cornerstones of professional life.


As a top welding management and consultancy firm, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond the industry standard by:

  • Training all workers and contractors to execute efficiently, but also identify areas where improvement can be achieved.
  • We provide you with the flexibility of hiring one of our highly-experienced welding inspectors or contracting us to train and equip your current staff with the information needed to carry out high-quality welding inspections in-house.
  • We strive constantly to remove wasted and non-value-added steps from our processes.
  • We consider customer satisfaction to be the most important marker of our success. To that end, we support and improve the quality management system and management principles in order that all stakeholders benefit from this commitment to quality.

Our dedicated and highly-capable employees take it upon themselves to:

  • Assist and cooperate in ensuring that this policy is followed.
  • Actively participate in the adherence of this company to the achievement of the goals and objectives of this policy.