Coating Inspection

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Technoweld provides coating inspection services to complement its welding inspection, providing you with a one stop shop for your project. We offer pre, progressive and post inspections to ensure your coatings are applied correctly and perform as intended in service.

Maintenance is a significant part of a plant’s operating costs. The longer the period to first maintenance is, the better value you are getting for your capital expenditure.

Coatings fail in time, with the amount of time depending on how well they are applied. Poorly applied coatings by an employee or supplier can create significant costly and alarming coating defects.

Technoweld can reduce the risk and potential expense of premature coating failure with our monitoring service. Our coating inspection works to protect your assets before they fail while ensuring your supplier is providing quality coatings.

We service most types of coatings over most substrates and can help with:

  • Conformity assessments
  • Compatibility assessments
  • Performance assessments
  • Expense avoidance (due to repairs and downtime)
  • Coating failure cause identification

Our services include verification of blast cleanliness and profile checks, DFT measurements, cure assessment, adhesion and holiday testing to the relevant Australian and American standards.

Technoweld uses only qualified and experienced staff to guarantee the coating you have been supplied with complies with project specifications. Technoweld’s principal has nationally and internationally recognised NACE coating inspection qualifications levels 1, 2 and 3. These qualifications further complemented with its experience in inspection of pressure equipment and structural steel.

Coating Inspection