Expert Welding Consultancy and Management

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Technoweld offers comprehensive, end-to-end technical welding consultancy services for pan-industry, domestic and international projects. We conduct in-depth welding reviews for both clients and suppliers, including independent inspects of specific elements of a project which need extra attention.
Our team will review all materials and services that suppliers provide your project to ensure that all relevant standards and specifications are met precisely, every time.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

As part of Technoweld’s welding consulting, we conduct regular audits of your processes and procedures. We’re not just looking to safe guard your project, but allow it to operate at peak efficiency. To that end, Technoweld also provides a detailed summary of potential efficiency gains that are easier to analyse with a detailed review carried out by highly-skilled professional welding auditors.

Improvements in your product can be achieved by increasing productivity and efficiencies, improving processes, decreasing operating expenses and minimising defects.

What Can Technoweld Provide?

Technoweld’s experienced welding engineering consultants can:

  • Analyse the delivery of consumables and accessories to the welding points to ensure there are no delays and wastage
  • Analyse whether material handling is effective, safe, and according to established Australian protocols
  • Minimise over-welding to save time, material costs and labour on site
  • Enhance current welding processes and procedures for better communication with your welding team
  • Drastically reduce procedure related errors and maintain a level of compliance that removes all doubt about welding component quality
  • Optimise joint preparation
  • Analyse the working design and eliminate unrequired, extra welds from the design
  • Examine and streamline safety measures and protocols
  • Make appropriate robotic, automation or mechanisation recommendations for your welding operations
Welding Consultancy

Our team is committed to ensuring that we do our research to find you the best price in the market without compromising on quality for your welding consumables and materials.

Projects and companies can get overwhelmed by the paperwork required to execute a project. Technoweld will assist you in streamlining record keeping by combining years of experience with the latest technological solutions to optomise a process that can often be costly.

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Graham while I was working for FLSMidth. I have always found Graham to be professional and hard working expert whom enjoys being challenged and has a genuine love for what he does.

Grahams in depth knowledge is second to none and his willingness to share this with his peers was fantastic to witness. His in depth engineering knowledge makes him the guy to go to and I hope to deal with him again in the near future.

Mark Tucker

Quality Inspector, Crushing Services International

Don’t get overwhelmed – hire Technoweld’s Consultancy skills today.