Welding Inspection

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Technoweld are the leaders in welding inspection, providing your business with Senior Welding Inspectors and Coating Inspectors. Technoweld can fulfil your entire inspection service requirements.

We offer

  • Visual welding inspection
  • Nominating and verifying non destructive examination
  • Reviewing and assessing test results
  • Application of client specification
  • Site representation
  • Surveillance over your welding project

We can help you achieve your project’s quality demands by developing or reviewing your Welding Inspection and Weld Test Plan required for inspection.

Welding Inspection

Our inspection services can also include drawing review, material control, material cutting and shaping, process and operator qualification, material welding, production process control, dimensional control, NDT coordination, PWHT verification through to coating, dispatch, bolting procedures and preparation of Manufacturing Documentation (MDR’s).

Our Welding Inspection Service

The Technoweld Welding Inspection Service includes:

  • Development and review of specifications
  • Pre-inspection meetings
  • Pre-fabrication vendor document reviews
  • Fabrication and welding inspection
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Progressive inspections
  • Visual welding inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Coating inspection
  • MDR reviews

Technoweld’s carefully selected experienced team are trained to provide you with a practical approach and valuable service to ensure your welds conform to Australian Standards including AS1554.

Whether you need permanent welding quality control or casual site visits, Technoweld can evaluate weld quality at various stages of construction.

Our highly experienced Welding Inspectors operate as the judicial representative of an organisation, examining welds ensuring all aspects meet the acceptance criteria of Australian Standards and purchasers specifications.

Inspectors interpret the contract document, codes, and specifications and apply the intent of the document to construction.

They also monitor progress to avoid delays at all costs.

Welding Inspection is typically controlled by an inspection and test plan which Technoweld can develop to ensure the requirements of your weld testing project are met.

A welding inspector monitors the work to ensure that:

  • Materials are traced and not damaged
  • Joint preparations are in accordance with the Welding Procedure Specifications and drawings
  • Welds are produced in accordance with drawings
  • Welding is carried out with specified equipment using the proper welding consumables, stored as per manufacturers recommendations
  • Procedures are followed and it is verified they are using qualified Welding Procedure Specifications
  • Welding is performed in accordance with the relevant Standard
  • Welders hold valid qualifications
  • There is no damage to components through handling and transport
  • Proper torque values are met at bolted connections
  • Completed welds are the required size and length, conforming to the acceptance criteria
  • NDT is complete, compliant and performed correctly
  • Hydrostatic tests are witnessed

Working with Graham during my time at Pipetech was absolutely reassuring, his knowledge surrounding QA/QC is unmatched, and combined with his in depth attention to both project specifics, and the various code specifications, ensures that Grahams business (Technoweld) remains at the forefront of customer requirements.

Mainly working on pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pig launcher/receivers, coalesces, tanks and spooling, over a multitude of specifications (including the newer Norsok M650 North Sea specification), and material grades from carbon steels to 6% Molys, Grahams experience with third party inspection was at all times exceptional. This includes welding, fabrication and coating inspection.Graham is practical and a realist, and his talent and experience is at the highest level.

Brad Coulter

General Manager, Drillcube / JSI Rocktools Australia