Welding Supervision

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Welding is a complex production process with Welding Supervision a critical part of managing this process, pivotal in achieving weld quality targets.

The AS1796 Cert10 Welding Supervisor plays an integral part of quality assurance and control from material traceability through to compiling the manufacturers data report.

Often companies cannot source or justify a full-time Welding Superior. So, Technoweld has experienced, trained and competent Welding Supervisors to be part of your team at short notice. Our Welding Supervisors have qualified at the AS1796 Certification 10 achievement level.

To effectively control the welding operations, Welding Supervisors need to ensure that operators follow set procedures and adhere to sound welding management principles.

These principles include:

  • Correct joint setup to drawing
  • Using the correct welding consumable
  • Use of preheat
  • Following the welding procedure in terms of amps, volts and travel speed
  • Inter-run cleaning and run placement
  • Final visual inspection

Through having access to a competent Technoweld Cert10 Welding Supervisor, you can

  • Complete research and development on the most cost-effective way to weld the component
  • Set the appropriate welding parameters and conditions to reduce likelihood of defects
  • Monitor a weld to ensure it conforms to the acceptance criteria
  • Conduct final visual inspections prior to NDT

Welding Operator Management

It is crucial to ensure your Welding Operators are adequately trained to carry out the task, understand what is required and follow the set procedure. If operators were to determine their own settings, welding control is lost, leading to a host of issues. Such issues include undersize or oversize welds, lack of fusion, reduced productivity and increased repair rates.


Virtuous operators will inspect their own work and the Welding Operator is just one part of a long list of variables involved in ensuring quality welds. Control of the process, communication of the welding parameters and appropriate education are paramount factors for achieving such quality.

Technoweld can assist you in implementing AS1796 Cert10 Welding Supervisor standards while controlling the process. Giving you and your business the confidence and assurance to meet your Welding Supervision quality targets.

I have worked with Graham and Technoweld on two different projects in the role of both contractor and as the client’s representative. The projects have included pipeline spooling, field welding work and the fabrication and on site assembly of a 1200 tonne dry materials silo. I have found that his knowledge and professional nature provides real benefit to the projects quality and therefore the overall outcome.

Graham is able to mobilise quickly and identify the correct standards to be utilised within the project. He is always willing to provide further explanation of his findings to ensure that all members of the team understand the projects requirements as well as offering practical and economical solutions. I would happily work with Graham in the future.

John McCulloch

Procurement Manager, Energy Resources of Australia