Welding Supervision

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To achieve quality assurance on your project, you need experienced and knowledgeable welding inspectors and supervisors. Supervisors become a critical team member for managing projects and achieving weld targets. For most companies, that means a full-time welding supervisor is a must. But, this is not always easy as quality supervisors are always in demand.

Technoweld offers two solutions for your company – providing a welding supervisor or training for existing staff. Whether you need a supervisor at short notice or have staff in need of supervisor training, Technoweld can assist you.

Welding Supervision

Welding Supervisors

Even if you have a welding supervisor, you need a good one. A welding supervisor is expected to control essential welding-related aspects for any project. They adhere to the technical, safety and environmental requirements of any welded production. Technoweld can provide an experienced welding supervisor to backup your internal staff.

Our welding supervisors have globally recognised qualifications including AS1796 Certification 10 and AS2214 Welding Supervision. Technoweld also has TWI and Australian Welding Institute certifications. We can provide you with experienced, qualified Welding Supervisors to ensure consistent quality and return on investment.

Having access to a Technoweld Welding Supervisor will ensure that our qualified welding experts can assist you with:

  • Obtaining a welding supervisor with a vast knowledge of welding technology and experience in welding inspections
  • Completing research and development on the most cost-effective way to weld components
  • Setting the appropriate welding parameters and conditions to reduce the likelihood of defects
  • Monitoring a weld to ensure it conforms to the acceptance criteria
  • Conducting final visual inspections prior to non-destructive testing (NDT)

Technoweld can also assist you in implementing experienced welding supervisor standards to manage your welding operators. This gives you and your company the confidence and assurance to meet your welding supervision quality targets.

It is crucial to ensure your welding operators are adequately trained to carry out the tasks required. Issues such as incorrect weld sizes, reduced productivity and increased repair rates, could all be caused by poor welding control. Having a supervisor with years of work experience and knowledge in welding can be the difference to project management you need.


Technoweld Training can fulfil all your welding training needs. We have extensive experience in adult education and are the approved TWI Training agent in Australia. A welding supervision course with Technoweld equips your staff with the best knowledge and expertise.