Different Kinds of Welding Inspection Techniques 

Successful welding operations require excellent quality control, and thorough welding inspections are one of the most important tools in delivering quality welds every time. There are many different types of welding inspection designed to keep pipes and structures safe and secure.

Discover the most common non-destructive methods for modern welding inspections and the advantages of each.

Visual Welding Inspection

Trusted welding inspectors will always use the visual inspection method first, as it has the lowest cost and it’s a great way to detect surface defects. This is the least time-consuming method with minimal resources required, but it’s worth noting that welding inspectors will need to complete visual inspections before, during, and after welding.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of visual welding inspections is that they can eliminate the need for more intensive tests if an obvious defect is discovered. As the name suggests, the inspector shines a light on the welded material and closely examines the surface with a magnifying glass and various measuring gauges. If they notice anything amiss with the overall structure, they will let you know so you can focus on a new weld, rather than wasting time on one that’s clearly defective.

Specialized Inspection Services

An established inspector can determine the best testing plan for all your welding work. Here at Technoweld, we offer visual inspections, which are the most cost-effective non-destructive test. A visual inspection detects surface defects using a light and magnifying glass. Welding inspectors start with a visual inspection because it has proven to be the most reliable.

Welding Inspection Specialists in South Australia

Technoweld is the top choice for Australian welding inspections, and our 25 years of experience means we have the technical knowledge and expertise to evaluate welds of all sizes and scopes.

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