There are several key welding certifications that guide quality welding procedures and ensure welding personnel is always ready for the job. AS/NZS 5131 certification provides independent expert certification of fabrication companies to ensure they have the personnel and procedures in place for consistent quality. Let’s investigate how this certification benefits welding companies in Australia and beyond.

What is AS/NZS 5131?

AS/NZS 5131 is an international certification outlining the appropriate welding personnel and welding procedures needed to meet quality standards and consistently produce durable, long-lasting welds. The steel fabrication and erection standard was established in December 2016 and now, AS/NZS 5131 sets the requirements for AS4100 – Steel Structures. This standard was recently updated to require all related fabrication, erection, and corrosion control to meet AS/NZS 5131.

As a quality assurance scheme led and maintained by the Australian and NZ welding industry, AS/NZS 5131 ensures participating welders have highly trained personnel. Not only does this encourage best practice and high safety standards, but it also ensures quality management systems represent the most efficient and effective fabrication procedures.

Why is AS/NZS 5131 Important?

While all welding certifications are valuable, AS/NZS 5131 is especially beneficial to the industry by streamlining standards and ensuring higher quality levels across the board. It clearly defines fabrication guidelines and good practices for all structural steelwork projects, which promotes durable construction, long-lasting fusion, and adherence to safety principles. With certified welders completing this qualification and keeping up-to-date with the latest standards, welders and clients alike can better understand welding expectations and safety requirements.

How Can Companies Obtain AS/NZS 5131?

To ensure your AS/NZS 5131 certification is up-to-date and your welding projects meet all standards, the fabricator must first fill out the official application form. There are a few more steps to follow for the AS/NZS 5131 certification process:

1. Stage one

The fabricator uses the AS/NZS 5131 assessment checklist to self-check their compliance levels. This includes a desktop review of documentation resources across different construction categories to confirm compliance and determine if there are any areas requiring improvement before certification can be met. Fabricators can request a formal gap analysis and preliminary assessment if they wish.

2. Stage two

The facility and activity assessment closely evaluates all resources to ensure the existing systems and procedures meet the category requirements. Once the assessor confirms satisfactory completion, the fabricator receives a Certificate of Compliance.

3. Renewal

AS/NZS 5131 certification lasts for five years, at which point a full audit is needed once more. Surveillance visits are usually once or twice a year, depending on how big the business is and what construction categories they fall under.

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