The 5 Golden Rules of Welding explains the basics of welding.

Developed by Technoweld Director, Graham Fry who holds a Bachelor of Adult Education, international welding engineer, a vast number of nationally and internationally recognised supervision/inspection qualifications but most importantly is off the shop floor.

Technoweld has a state of the art welding training centre and vast experience in adult education and managing successful welding training programs. The centre facilities include fully equipped welding bays with qualified and experienced personnel to conduct training and skills development. Technoweld can meet all your training needs.

Safety first

Your safety is a priority.

  • Check all equipment for damage
  • Check your surrounding area for hazards
  • Ensure you are following safety procedures
  • Always wear the appropriate PPE


The 5 Golden Rules of Welding

Rule 1 Ensure you can see

If you can’t see you can’t weld.

Ensure your lenses are clean.

You cannot expect a good weld if you cannot see the weld preparation and where you want the weld to go.

Rule 2 Get comfortable

If you are not comfortable you will not get a neat weld.

Make sure you have good control over the arc. Try writing without leaning on the desk, your writing will be messy. Same with welding. Support your arm to reduce movement.

Rule 3 Understand and maintain equipment

You cannot get a good weld if your equipment is not running properly.

A formula 1 driver will not be able to perform at their best with poorly maintained equipment. Same with welding. You will constantly be stopping and get an inferior weld if your machine isn’t running properly.

Rule 4 Always weld bottom

Weld from the bottom up.

Like building a house, you cannot start the bricks at the top. Weld metal is a liquid. When it goes in it needs support, that is why we need to always start at the bottom.

Always weld bottom up

Rule 5 Always weld level

Weld metal is always a liquid and wants to find its own level. Weaves need to always be level, or the weld metal will sag.

If the foundation on a house is not level and straight, the bricks will end up the same. Get the foundation (first run) straight and level, so you can have something to follow.

If your weld run is wobbly, straighten it up with a grinder before laying your next weld, otherwise, you will only end up following the wobbly shape.

Always weld level

Technoweld training

Technoweld can provide all the welding training that you require. We have extensive experience in adult education and understand the elements that make up a successful welding training program.

From basic gas metal arc welding, advanced welding, or welding programs in the use of exotic materials, we deliver the training that meets your needs.

We also offer on-site training for staff groups. Our training team can work with you to facilitate a training that has been modified to your specific job, abilities or welding project.

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