No matter what career you’ve chosen it’s usually a given that you want to improve your skills and move up the ranks. This is much easier to achieve if you work in a field where skilled professionals are in high demand, welding is one such field.

According to the Department of Jobs and Small Businesses, Australia’s top five growing industries include professional/scientific and/or technical services and construction, all of which welding can fall under. With almost 245,000 new jobs set to be created by May 2022 in these industries, the high demand for specialised services indicates that if you want to grow your career in this particular field, now is the time to take advantage of the possibilities.

Here’s a few tips on how you can improve your chances of moving up.

1. Never Stop Learning

As a professional in this business, you might think that once you have secured a job that the learning stops. Unfortunately, this is not true at all if your wish is to move up the ladder.

In order to advance your career it is important to stay up to date with the latest techniques and technologies and keep learning new skills as the industry improves and changes.

A simple way to stay informed of new techniques can be as easy as watching video tutorials on different types of welding methods and tools. By making it a point to learn about the newest technology and getting up-to-date training and certifications, you are more likely to get welding jobs in areas like hi-tech welding and expand your career path. Plus, the benefits of proving to your current employer that you are interested in expanding your knowledge will pay off when it comes time to hand out promotions.

2. Broaden Your Horizons

Along with learning new technologies, it might not be a bad idea to continue your education.

In today’s world, it’s not enough to have just one skill-set anymore.

Have you considered getting a welding certificate for underwater welding, pipe welding or welding inspection? High skilled, experienced welders and welding inspectors are in demand across the world and accreditation from an approved training agent can help you broaden your horizons and opportunities.

Having a variety of skill-sets and training is much more appealing to potential employers and being certified in more than one field is very beneficial.

Graham testing RMD for the first time

3. Be a Leader

If you really want to impress your bosses, ask for more work.

By showing the initiative that you are willing to take on more tasks, or even tasks that no one else wants, you are proving that you are serious about progressing your career. Asking for solo tasks or to be the lead on special projects is also a good way to demonstrate strong leadership skills.

Volunteering is another way to show your passion for welding. Many non-profit organisations build houses, schools, clean water sources and even handrails around communities. Using your skills to benefit those around you shows that you not only care to practice your craft outside of work hours, but you are using it to positively affect change. Welding benches for a park or a bike rack for a school are just a few simple ideas that could mean a lot to others.

If you would like more information on how to further your welding career, reach out to Technoweld, we love to chat about all things welding and you can contact us directly on 1300 00 WELD