Within the welding industry the key benefit of welding management contract employment, especially for contract welding supervisors or inspectors, is flexibility for companies. The complexity of modern projects, particularly modular builds means that a variety of specialised skills and experience will be required. These skills sets and the necessary experience may be something which your current team may not possess. Hiring a contractor rather than a permanent employee ensures efficiency: the right skills for the right job at the right time.

Technoweld can ensure that we have the right person for the project, with redundancy built in. By hiring a contractor it can assist build your staffs capacity as we are more than happy to work with your team to transfer knowledge, skills and technical expertise.

Economically, using a contractor makes sense. From a project management perspective, contractors are paid as part of project budget and spend, rather than broader human resources and salary spend.

For employers, this provides vital adaptability: resources are tailored to the requirements and budgets of the project itself. Managers can consider contractors as project resources and focus on getting the job done. Whilst the use of a contractor often commands a higher up front rate than permanent employees, when the on cost of hiring full-time employees are considered, leave, sick time, superannuation, payroll taxes, workers compensation etc. the value and ROI become an attractive option.

There are pragmatic advantages to welding management contract engagements beyond the realm of project fulfillment. For example, if a contractor isn’t contributing successfully to a project, the contract can be ended and an alternative person sourced quickly. With complex engineering projects a certain degree of fluidity usually exists, the flexibility of a contractor be beneficial for both employers and contractors.

The benefit of working with firms specialising in welding management contract services like Technoweld ensure you have the right person with the appropriate amount of training and experience that is connected to a wider technical network that ensures your project runs with minimal distributions and issues.