Ryan Clifford

Inspector / Welding Supervisor

Ryan is one of Technoweld’s team of senior welding supervisors and inspectors. During his time with us, he has worked on a range of large and interesting projects, from inspection to training and process optimisation.

Ryan is passionate about continually developing his welding skills through training and practical experience. His qualifications include:

  • Cert 3 heavy Engineering fabrication trade
  • Cert 4 engineering first-class welder
  • CSWIP 3.1
  • AS 1796 Cert 1, 1E, 3, 3E
  • AS 1796 Cert 10
  • AS 2214
A photograph of Ryan Clifford

Prior to joining Technoweld, he built a solid foundation for his welding career. This was developed in engineering workshops and power stations. Some of the skills he developed include:

  • on-site welding
  • spool fabrication
  • pipe welding on a variety of materials
  • mill and turbine maintenance

Ryan took a brief hiatus from welding to join the Australian Defence Force. He served as an infantryman and was deployed to Iraq during this period. After discharging, Ryan took the skills he gained and honed his passion for welding by completing his welding and supervision tickets.

Ryan’s specialties at Technoweld include helping clients to optimise their processes to increase their production and efficiency.